Cheesecake al Dulce de Leche

6 servings

100g Buffalo Milk Dulce de Leche
250g Buffalo Mascarpone
50g Buffalo Butter
150g cookies
200g fresh cream
200g icing sugar


Whip the fresh cream and the icing sugar to obtain a firm mixture.
Then add the Buffalo Mascarpone and continue to whisk at medium speed.
Melt the Buffalo Butter and mix it with the crushed cookies.
Arrange the cheesecake in a glass, by placing a 1cm layer of cookies and Buffalo Butter on the bottom.
Then pour the cream over the cookie base, with the help of a pastry bag, up to 1 cm from the edge of the glass. Let it cool in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
Finish off the dessert by pouring a thin and creamy layer of Buffalo Milk Dulce de Leche.

The buffalo ingredient
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