Fresella e Bocconcini

4 servings

250g Buffalo Bocconcini
8 freselle
400g cherry tomatoes
100g pickled eggplants
20g fresh oregano
1 garlic clove
EVO Oil, as needed
Salt, as needed


First, wash and cut the tomatoes into wedges (or pieces) and place them in a bowl.
Season with EVO Oil, oregano, salt and a clove of garlic (whole).
Mix gently and set aside to marinade.
In the meantime, moisten the freselle in water, without getting them too wet.
Season the freselle with the tomatoes and let them rest in a plate for 10 minutes, to soften them up.
Place the Buffalo Bocconcini on top of the freselle.
Drizzle with EVO Oil.
L'ingrediente di bufala